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Re: Chrome freezes whenever I right click with my mouse. How can I fix this? It is beginning to get irritating! Posted in group: Google. Is Mac Finder not responding, not opening, or keeps crashing on High this file " yroddo. We'll go over frozen apps first, so if your whole Mac freezes, you can Click anywhere outside of the program; Right-click or Control-click on. Sometimes, your Mac's Dock might freeze up and stop working.

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If you are using a wireless mouse, and it is not working in macOS, here are some methods you can use While you're at it, make sure the batteries are in the right way around. Because limited functionality is a common complaint for the magic mouse, so i want everyone with a magic mouse to be able to get MagicPrefs.

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Because it's Apple's merit, their great operating system made MagicPrefs possible, so did their great mouse. Anything that is not already available from Apple in the operating system. Duplicating functionality is both confusing and useless in the majority of the cases. Features like the ones in MagicPrefs that Apple adds to the operating system.

A lot of the features requested will be added, but only when they fit nicely within the program.

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  5. I developed MagicPrefs from the start not only for my own use, but also with the aim of making it easy to use by Magic Mouse owners everywhere. Some gestures are more challenging to perform than others, try different approaches and different sensitivity settings. Some gestures also might also be a bit harder to trigger as a result of making sure they are not triggered by mistake, a lot of weeks of testing is required to perfect them.

    A preset is a snapshot of settings, you can apply a preset by importing it's settings into the MagicPrefs settings, the MagicPrefs settings are what you are seeing in the preference pane and are applied globally. However presets can be also used without importing the settings from them, by assigning a application for a preset that application ignores the global settings and uses the settings from the preset it is associated with.

    Any action in OSX that can be triggered from a keyboard shortcut, or launching a application can be assigned to a gesture in MagicPrefs. Create a custom action for it by pressing "Custom Actions", selecting a application, applescript or keyboard target, then assign your newly created action to a gesture.

    The areas tagged with that could mean one or more of the following: The gestures could be physically challenging to perform. The gestures could be performed unwontedly too often during usual mouse handling movements as opposed to a trackpad that is only touched to perform a gesture. The algorithm determining if a gesture has been performed is not perfected and it could either filter too many gestures as accidental, or filter too few gestures as accidental.

    Unable to install Parallels Desktop. Installer hangs.

    If you have multiple Magic Mouse devices paired on your system the settings will be applied only to the favorite one. No, as stated on the website MagicPrefs monitors the driver, that implies the fact that it can not change the way the device itself operates. However MagicPrefs can change the way you operate the device, granted with more gestures you might be touching the mouse more but that could not equate to more impact than say 0.

    When you overridden this you effectively made it impossible for you to left click with both fingers touching the mouse.

    Nope, there is nothing left or right hand specific in the MagicPrefs functions, everything can be swaped around It is only the default setting for "two finger click" and the visual image guides that are from a right hand perspective Also see the next FAQ item, "Do i have to keep my fingers exactly as shown in the hover images? Nope The visual guide images you see while hovering the gestures represent one of the many possible positions for the finger. So you do not have to have your fingers in the same positions that are shown, it is only the direction and the number of fingers itself that matters The images with the red zones are the ones that show the position limits for a gesture, not the images with the blue finger representations.

    No, the only thing you can do is increase the tracking speed to dampen the effects of the curve. Since OSX Any application that is claiming to change the acceleration curve is most likely doing nothing but set the tracking speed to a high value. Try a simple Quit first. If that doesn't work, try again with Force Quit. The reason for that is that Force Quit is a brutal way to stop an app, and we always want to stop an app with the least force required in order to avoid potential damage to the system. In this technique, the Finder really is stopped for good and is not relaunched.


    To relaunch, click the Finder icon on the left side of the Dock. If that's not possible, log out then log in. Launch the Terminal app. If you can't do that from the Finder, try an SSH from another computer. The SSH daemon will probably be running even if the Finder is locked up. If you run into a problem, one of these techniques should work for you.