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You can then enter the text that you want.

How to Add and Format Text in a Shape in Microsoft Word

When the text box is linked to a worksheet cell, any changes that you make to the data in that cell will appear automatically in the text box on the chart. After you create a text box in a chart, you can move, resize, or remove it as needed. In the chart, click where you want to start a corner of the text box, and then drag until the text box is the size that you want.

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When you finish typing, press Esc to cancel editing mode, or click anywhere outside of the text box. Add, copy, or delete a text box.

Add a Text Box

Link a chart title, label, or text box to a worksheet cell. When you finish typing, press esc to cancel editing mode, or click anywhere outside of the text box. To move the text box, position the cursor on the border of the text box so that it changes to a four-headed arrow, and then drag the text box to the location that you want.

How to add text to a picture on a mac: Mac tips

Then, click the Insert Shapes drop-down button to open its palette where you select the Text Box button. Excel then changes the mouse pointer or Touch Pointer to a narrow vertical line with a short cross near the bottom.

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Click the location where you want to draw the text box and then draw the box by dragging its outline. When you release the mouse button or remove your finger or stylus after dragging this pointer, Excel draws a text box in the shape and size of the outline. Windows Mac. Note: Make sure the Apply to box is set to Text, which adds a border around lines of text, or Paragraph, which creates a Remove a border from text in a document by first selecting the text inside of the border, clicking the Borders icon on the Home tab, and then clicking No Borders.

In Office, you can change the weight and color of the lines around a text box or shape, or you can remove the lines or outline altogether.

Insert a text box in Office for Mac

Used sparingly, borders are a great way to get attention. Jan 28, See more: www. When you insert a text box in your document, Word automatically places a border around it.

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This is great for some document designs, but you