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Clearly, Amazon Video On Demand is not the ideal service for Mac users, but it does offer a couple of advantages over the iTunes Store. For one, if you purchase a movie it's accessible to stream on any Internet-connected computer, so can watch it on your laptop while visiting the in-laws without having to remember to copy it to that Mac's hard drive. Another—particularly if you're willing to broaden your video diet to include TV shows—is price. Even if you're interested in movies only, Amazon also offers deals on current movie rentals.

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One could very reasonably argue that the iTunes Store provides more value—you actually have the content on your hard drive rather than in the cloud, and you can play them on an iPod, iPhone, and Apple TV. But if your intention is to watch the video only on a TV connected to a computer or on the Mac's screen itself, Amazon could be the better deal, provided that you have fast and reliable broadband. To stream HD content you should have a broadband connection of 5mbps or better. Also, those Amazon videos are available to you wherever you have a computer and fast Internet connection.

The-DVD-in-the-mailbox company, Netflix , has offered movie streaming for a couple of years through its Watch Instantly feature.

2. Amazon Video On Demand

Recent release movies are starting to appear. Regrettably, no HBO content is offered for streaming. However, both the Boxee and Plex media center applications allow you to watch Netflix Watch Instantly content. The visual quality of Netflix's content doesn't match that of either the iTunes Store or Amazon Video On Demand—both of which look quite good. The faster your Internet connection, the better the picture. Of course YouTube has movies… no, real movies. Okay, some are real old movies, but movies nonetheless. And they're free. And keep YouTube bookmarked.

Reports are that YouTube is talking to major movie studios about offering movies for rent. As mentioned earlier, Boxee is a media center application rather than a source for videos. Another great option that many will appreciate is "Open URL" allowing to preview videos online. Total Video Downloader for Mac. YTD Video Downloader. Freemake Video Downloader. The features of a best movie downloader app: The amount of supported websites. The selection of the format and video quality. Should offer to extract a soundtrack.

Comprehensive and user-friendly interface. Batch downloading.

Six ways to watch movies on your Mac

Downloading of YouTube channels and playlists. Support for streaming videos. Browser integration. Purchase PRO. Recent posts. Policy Contacts User Agreement Uninstall.

Turn your videos into movie magic.

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Movie box pro mac

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