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In case you do not believe this, try to access any Menu or Option that you can get hold of on your Mac, you will still end up finding no way to print two pages of document on a single sheet of paper. Unless someone else has figured out a way, the only way that we have been able to print two pages on a single sheet of paper on our MacBook is by making use of the workaround as provided below. First, open the document that you want to print. Next, click on File option in the top menu-bar on your mac and then click on Print in the drop-down menu.

Booklet Printing in Word

Once the PDF Preview is generated, click on the Print button located at the bottom right corner of the document. Once you switch to Layout option, you will see the Pages Per Sheet option.

Short edge binding means you want to fold the booklet along the shorter edge of the A4 page. When you are designing a booklet, it will be printed smaller than usual. I can verify that it does work perfectly with El Capitan. It may not work with El Capitan. Last time I checked it was available from here. I have used this app in the past with great success.

How to create a Booklet or Book with Microsoft Word

Tried it a few times. Even repurchased the app and re-installed. Still nothing. Any suggestions? Page is version 5. Nothing works.

making a booklet in ms word 2011 fo mac

I am livid that all today was wasted. So you might be doing something wrong. Have you got the latest version of office on your Mac?

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The version of Word that I currently have is version Thank you so much for this app! Working flawlessly with microsoft Word mac OS X What do I do if there is no short edge binding option? Short edge binding is a checkbox that appears after you select double sided printing. It is not a page size like A4. Hi Ive just installed the create booklet app on to my Mac with El Capitan.

Create Booklets

What am I doing wrong, has anyone else experienced this? Did that and now its printed out perfectly.

Thanks for your help. Hi there, please could you help me? I bought Create Booklet thinking it would make 4-up booklet in portrait, each page about 4. But all I can get is 2 much larger pages side by side, landscape.