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I use this for producing video training material. It was plug and play with my Windows 7 computer and my windows 10 computer. I'm not an audio expert, but it makes my voice sound fuller and more true to life than my previous microphone. I have it mounted in a small desktop microphone stand which also works fine. This is without a doubt the best and most fun to use microphone I have ever used. When I received this, I tested it on the Skype thing that lets you hear your own mic, and for some reason it sounded much better than reviews on here and YouTube lead me to believe.

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I do very much like this mic, but it does have a couple design flaws that are just really annoying. Pros: The stand is very nice. I've seen some reviews giving the stand a bad rep, but that's kind of.. It's a stand, it works, it has rubberized feet so it doesn't scratch up your table. What else do you want it to do, preform back flips or manipulate time and space? The legs are made of steel and the body is made out of a very nice and thick plastic. It's not made of solid gold and you're Only 1 left in stock - order soon.

I am a court reporter and needed a mike for my laptop to pick up multiple voices in a courtroom and also just for small conference rooms. The sound is clear and I like that the mike sits flat on the table so it does draw attention to it. I highly recommend the product. The wire connection is a little loose going into the mike, but the red light shows it's plugged in. Plugs directly into my computer with usb xlr microphone cable and instantly installs for the fastest plug and play.

The sound I get with it is absolutely amazing and the price just sweetens the deal even more.

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Pop filter really sorts through and eliminates all the unwanted noises from being thrown into the mix. The metal adjustable scissor arm stand suspends and folds in and out for accessible and flexible positioning. The mounting clamp easily attaches onto the side of my dinner table or my desk. Screw off detachment and easy storage.

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Inner sponge padding to protect the table tops and underneath from dents and scrapes. Currently unavailable. The shipping was fast! When it came I was so excited to try since my iphone 7 was having problems with my videos especially the audio volume. But when I tried this mic it fixed the problem. It was very easy to used ,just a plug and play device and very cute too. I would definitely recommend this to my friend who also likes to vlog.

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See All Buying Options. Carothers SC. For the price you can't get better! I needed this for Cortana on Win Answers yes it works for Cortana. I have my desktop near the office tv and the noise cancel really works. Wow Simple, plug into a USB port and you are good to go. I am impressed with the quality, it is not a cheap light plastic.

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It is in the mid range weight. Perfect size. I recently bought this microphone, and I can say, it is a major improvement from my gaming headset.

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For one, the audio quality is amazing with the pop filter and the secondary filter. I have a fan going in the background, and I could not hear it. Only small gripe I have with it is the way the microphone sits in the stand. The rubber holds are a bit annoying, and the best way I got for it to not be flopping any time I touched it was to loop the chord through the bottom center.

It works, but it was a little annoying. Otherwise, I would suggest this product to any voice actors or gamers who want a cheap microphone with good quality!

I use it with Google, since Chrome no longer lets me speak for searches. And for that purpose, it is excellent. I would use it for my video chats if I did not use my Blue Yeti. The more standard microphone connector is called XLR. This three-pin circular connector takes an XLR cable.

Observant users will notice that computers do not have XLR ports. Preamps, also known as audio interfaces, can range widely in price and quality. The Focusrite Scarlett line is popular, inexpensive, and effective. Connect the preamp to your Mac through the USB port. Plug that into your preamp, then plug the other end of the cable into your Mac.

Some audio interfaces also connect via Thunderbolt. These interfaces function no differently from the USB-style audio interfaces. They just use a different connection protocol and connector style.

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While Windows requires drivers for audio interfaces, macOS typically does not require a driver. While most digital audio workstations allow you to select your input from within the application, setting the input at the system level streamlines the recording process. To set the device for input, click on it within the list of available audio interfaces.

If you do not see the audio interface in this list, first make sure that the audio interface is turned on and connected properly. Even cheap earbuds are better than nothing.

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Audacity is a popular open-source choice, and the new Voice Memos app for macOS can make simple single-track audio recordings as well. I have an XLR type mic but thought using my headset mic would be easier. I may need to go the XLR route. Thanks for the info. You've decided to leave a comment. That's fantastic!

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