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When I search for specific text in a Skype conversation, how many results are shown? Searching for a specific word or phrase within a conversation will show 30 results.

Getting Skype History and Skype Conversations older than 1 year back by installing Skype Classic

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Skype for Business on Mac updated with tabbed window experience for chats and more

You can't retreive your Video conferencing, but you can retrieve your written Skype messages if you have them. Skype record only goes back one year. I know we video conference way way way more than we wrote on Skype and I was surprise that when I printed it out, there was pages of written conversation between my husband and I during the year. I printed out all pages and included it in our application. Have fun reading that! Feb 18, Female Alberta Visa Office My husband and I use skype to video conference for most of our communcation, and I was able to print off every single message and call we made since we first downloaded skype over a year and a half ago.

How to Extract Skype Logs

When you have your spouse's name highlighted in skype, on my screen I highlight his name on the left look on the right and you should have a screen with their pic at the top, and underneath is a toolbar, and under that is a blank space with a spot to send him a typed message at the bottom. If you look, there should be an option that says, "show messages from : Yesterday, 7 days, 30 days, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, from beginning. Click "from beginning" Right click on the text once it finally shows up, and choose "Select All" Right click again and choose "Copy Selection" Open WORD or another word processing program and on a new page, choose "Paste" You will now have a complete list of every call made, the duration of the call, and every chat message sent between you two.

Why print the messages?

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This should not be required as it is a breach of privacy if CIC would want to know. Just print the log of all the video calls you made on Skype, see the other Skype topic Dec 15, I always record my interviews with it's help. Mar 29, Visa Office I printed off the Skype chat logs showing the amount of time spent chatting each session. Then I bolded the call durations and left any written messages as well.

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Copied it with a very small font size and used 2 columns on the page. I think I made it down to 40 pages. I hope that's what they want!

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Jan 7, Visa Office Hello, I used a skype history exporter that I found in the forum in the link below. I was able to export it on my computer from my account I did convert the file to excel and selected only the calls between me and my hiusband because it was a very long list. I logged in his account and tried it but it exported only the calls he made from my computer. I hope this will help. Apr 8,

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