Read kindle books on mac 10.4

Once you open the Kindle app you'll need to enter all your Amazon information it's a one-time process in order to register your device your Mac, iPad, etc. Make sure to register all your devices with the same Amazon account to ensure your books are synced across all your devices.

How to convert Kindle to PDF On Mac

Once you open the Kindle app, you will see the Library tab on the top left, which shows you the Sync button , All and Downloaded. The All tab shows you all of the Kindle books you have purchased through the Kindle store from your Amazon account. Click All , and find a book you want to read. When you click the book, a pop-out menu appears with options, including download.

How to read Kindle Books on PC or Laptop?

You can give your book Collection tags, which can make it easier to sort and find your books as your library grows. This is especially handy to have when the flight attendant asks you to switch to airplane mode.

How to Read Kindle Books Free on macOS 10.14

There's no way to purchase books from the Kindle app, but you can explore titles with the Kindle search function. You can even read the first chapter for free. After you've checked out, Amazon will ask you if you want to download the book to your Kindle device.

If you don't see the book in your Kindle app, press the Sync icon to refresh and collect your book. To open the book from the Kindle library, simply tap on the book, and the pop-out menu lets you select Go to Last Page Read or Go to Beginning. Once your book is open tap the Aa icon at the top of the screen to see options for adjusting the font size and colors of the page. Once you've finished a book and good for you, by the way and want to remove the book from your Mac, open the Downloaded tab, go to the Library tab , at the top left and go to the Downloaded section.

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Find the book to remove, and click on it to see the pop-out menu. It is really a little a waste of time to answer these questions one by one of course it's also my honor to read them , so today I write this article in details for you about how to read Kindle books on Mac by 3 different ways.

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You don't need a Kindle device to read Kindle books. Here is a free app from amazon store that you can use on your Mac.

How to Read Kindle Books on Mac

Access to Amazon. Then download and install it on the Mac. The Kindle books you bought from Amazon will appear in Kindle for Mac because of its sync function. Choose one and right click it.

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Then you can choose the option to read from the appeared menu. This is the easiest way to read Kindle books on mac. But every coin has two sides. It also makes our eBook reading a little disappointed because we can only read Kindle on Kindle apps but not in iBooks.

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This is because these books are only bonded with Amazon Kindle store. It's forbidden to transfer downloaded books to Kindle for mac app with iTunes but only Send to Kindle. What's worse, the app can't read ePub books purchased from another eBooks stores. Though there are many ePub readers we can use on the mac, but here I strongly recommend you use iBooks app to read ePub books as it is definitely the best reading app on the mac.

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With Kindle for Mac , you can see all Kindle books you bought. Right click the book and choose the download option. The whole conversion process takes little time.

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It also can optimize every kinds of files and convert them to standard PDF files. When you want to convert files, you can get the PDF files by clicking the mouse.