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However, because printing is an important aspect of many workflows and changing font sizes directly will change documents details such the pagination, the layout of tables, etc. The visual presentation of text and images of text should have a contrast ration of at least 4.

To help you determine the contrast, here are some examples on a white background:. Also, always use a single solid color for a text background rather than a pattern. In order to determine whether the colors in your document have sufficient contrast, you can consult an online contrast checker, such as:. Color should not be used as the only visual means of conveying information, indicating an action, prompting a response, or distinguishing a visual element.

In order to spot where color might be the only visual means of conveying information, you can create a screenshot of the document and then view it with online gray-scale converting tools, such as:. The instructions provided for understanding and operating content should not rely solely on sensory characteristics such as the color or shape of content elements. Here are two examples:.

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Before you use an image to control the presentation of text e. If this is not possible, as with logos containing stylized text, make sure to provide alternative text for the image following the techniques noted above. By taking the time to design your content in a consistent way, it will be easier to access, navigate and interpret for all users:. Hyperlinks are more effective navigation aids when the user understands the likely result of following the link. Otherwise, users may have to use trial-and-error to find what they need. To help the user understand the result of selecting a hyperlink, ensure that the link makes sense when read in the context of the text around it.

At this time, Word for Mac does not offer a mechanism to check for potential accessibility errors in your document prior to publishing. Note: Before saving in other formats, you may want to run the Compatibility Report feature by selecting Compatibility Report… from the Save As dialog. This checks the compatibility of your existing document with the format you have selected save your document as. The results of this check are revealed in the Compatibility Report dialog, where you have explanations of errors and options to fix them. While Word for Mac does allow you to save documents in the PDF format, at this time it does not offer an explicit option to save your document in the tagged PDF format.

Disclaimer: This list is provided for information purposes only. It is not exhaustive and inclusion of an application or plug-in on the list does not constitute a recommendation or guarantee of results by the IDRC. If you are interested in what features are provided to make using Word for Mac more accessible to users, documentation is provided in the Help system:.

Insert a table of contents into a word-processing document, format the text, and add leader lines

Quick Reference Usage Notes Technique 1. Use Accessible Templates Technique 2.

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Specify Document Language Technique 3. Use Headings Technique 6. Use Named Styles Technique 7. Create Accessible Charts Technique 9.

Microsoft Table of Contents — Word (Mac)

Make Content Easier to See Technique Make Content Easier to Understand Technique Check Accessibility Technique This guide is intended to be used for documents that are: Intended to be used by people i. Disclaimer and Testing Details Following these techniques will increase the accessibility of your documents, but it does not guarantee accessibility to any specific disability groups.

Technique 1. Use Accessible Templates All office documents start with a template, which can be as simple as a blank standard-sized page or as complex as a nearly complete document with text, graphics and other content. Using a descriptive File name e. In the Format box, select Word Template Select Save To select an accessible template Note: Only use these steps if you have an accessible template available e.

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If you have chosen an accessible template, the document will be accessible at this point. As you add your content e. Technique 2. Specify Document Language In order for assistive technologies e. Provide Text Alternatives for Images and Graphical Objects At this time, Word for Mac does not offer a mechanism which enables the user to add alternative text descriptions to images or objects. Tips for writing alternative text Try to answer the question "what information is the image conveying? In these cases, try to describe the image without making too many of your own assumptions.

One approach is to imagine you are describing the image to a person over the phone Ensure that you still provide concise alternative text to help readers decide if they are interested in the longer description. Nest headings properly e. Do not skip heading levels. Tips for tables Only use tables for tabular information, not for formatting, such as to position columns.

2011 Microsoft Word Table of Contents (Mac)

These will not be recognized by assistive technology. Keep tables simple by avoiding merged cells and dividing complex data sets into separate smaller tables, where possible. Whenever possible, use just one row of headings. If tables split across pages, set the header to show at the top of each page. Also set the table to break between rows instead of in the middle of rows. Create a text summary of the essential table contents. Any abbreviations used should be explained in the summary.

While there are no hard and fast rules for determining what alternative text should say it depends on the image, its context, the intent of the author, etc. The more important an image's content is, the more descriptive the alternative text should be. For the MSU wordmark shown in the examples below , "Michigan State University wordmark" would be appropriate for most documents.

A graphic design document describing the introduction and use of different branding marks at MSU might require a more detailed description, if the specific formatting of the text would be important to the reader. For charts and graphs, chart type i. For example, a simple chart might have the following alternative text: "Bar chart of number of traffic fatalities in Ingham county from Fatalities have increased for the last two years.

There were fatalities in , in , and in There is no option to add alt text into images in Word and Instead place alternative text before or after the described image. Right-click the image you wish to add alternative text to, and select Format picture. This will open a dialog box. Select the Alt Text tab.

Updating and Inserting a Table of Contents in Word for Mac

Do not enter alternative text in the Title box; you must enter alt text into the Description field. To add a caption to a chart or graph, right-click the edge of the chart, graph, or table and then select Insert Caption. The Caption dialog box appears. Type a short description of the chart or graph into the Caption field.

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List items must be in a Word-formatted numbered or bulleted list so that they are grouped together for users of assistive technologies. Manually typing numbers or dashes before items is not sufficient.